PURE is an action prioritised by ShadowsocksR | 很文博客:目前ShadowsockR电脑板更新到的最新版本是v4.7.0,安卓版应该是v3.4.0.7,其余版本我没存不知道。 二、原理 GFW 封锁包含多种方式,最容易操作也是最基础的方式便是域名黑白名单,在黑名单内的域名不让通过,IP 黑白名单也是这个道理。 (NERC) in order to increase the impact of NERC Natural hazard research and take a national leadership role in changing the way in which uncertainty and risk are assessed and quantified across the natural hazards community.

Running alongside the main PURE research activities is the development of a web portal designed to facilitate the sharing and fusion of models and data from a variety of different sources. The portal has been developed by the British Geological Survey and is for use by the whole user community. To become part of the user community join the PURE network.

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